Winter Skin Care Tips!

As the temperatures drop, the dryer environment combined with the heat indoors allows for dry skin, chapped lips, scaly feet, legs and much more. Cold air lacks humidity so it dries up the natural moister in our skin. Skin also loses 25% of its ability to retain moister in winter months. I’m sure most of you have noticed a change in skin texture, tone and hydration. Here are a few tips to remedy the issues that occur.

  1. Start with DNA moisturizing cleansers. Your summer cleanser may be too drying as an everyday cleanser.
  2. Exfoliate. As the skin on the face dries, which happens more in winter, the dead cells multiply on the surface. I have excellent resurfacing options including the LYCO IONIC JESSNER PEEL, an all-natural peel with potent antioxidant protection from lycopene and red wine.
  3. Moisturize. I recommend Zen Therapy Treatment Gel cocktailed in with your moisturizer to heal the skin, adding powerful peptides and DMAE for collagen and firming benefits.
  4. No hot showers. Especially on the face. Use tepid water only to avoid stripping natural oils.
  5. Gloves on hands. Ask me about booking an appointment for hydrating, lightening skin care for your hands. I call it the “Handcial” which was coined by one of my clients who came to me with concerns about the dark areas that were becoming a little too conspicuous for her liking.

These are just a few of the many options to keep you looking your best during the dryer winter months.
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