David Bibbey L.Ac.

In the beginning

In 1987 at age 19, the then future David Bibbey met with an accident.  It was not an accident of medical nature, but one of happenstance and life.  Having withdrawn from UMass and soon going broke; he bumped into a former boss in Boston and was offered a job managing a local health food store.

Bibbey remembers this as a fabulous opportunity.  He applied himself fully to the task, learning both the fundamentals of managing a small staff and the basics of nutrition.  But after a couple of years, he like many young people became restless for an adventure: and adventure he found.  He spent the next decade exploring various opportunities that challenged him to mature and develop many of the personal qualities that would later be useful in becoming an effective healthcare practitioner.

In 1997, his father would be struck-down by a stroke and require full-time attention.  David assumed the care-giving role and responsibly for the next ten years and never looked back.  This was powerful, life-changing experience that in many ways developed David’s commitment to starting his own patient-centered healthcare practice that focuses on preventive medicine.

In 2003, Huffman’s Health Foods in Crystal River became David’s new home.   In many ways it was a homecoming; a return to a long lost place that respects the mind and body, a safe space to be honest about important and pressing questions every person needs to understand and answer – how is health optimized?  David now had the chance to educate and immerse himself in understanding alternatives to dangerous or failed conventional treatments to common ailments.  He took pride and pleasure in being able to empower clients by giving them the information they needed to improve their health.

This included frustrated mothers dealing with unresolved infant allergies, parents of a 5 year old girl taking proton-pump inhibitors and older clients dealing with poor digestion, malnutrition, pain and worse.  This collective wail for help, respect, and the tools necessary to make informed decisions about proper diet, nutrition and self-care motivated David to formalize his education and training.  It was apparent to him that many of these health questions and conditions needed to be addressed and resolved from a fresh perspective.

In 2008, David transitioned to part-time at Huffman’s to attend Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando.  This nationally recognized and accredited graduate program attracts faculty and students from around the world.  Internationally recognized Lowan (Larry) Han founded the College in 1990, and he has assembled an incredible team of experienced and dedicated practitioners to instruct and mentor students.  Three years later, David completed nearly 4000 hours of training required of Florida’s Licensed Acupuncture Physicians.

After successfully passing the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) Board Exams, David’s State license to practice Oriental Medicine in Florida was granted. Bibbey was fortunate and honored to be a national recipient of the prestigious Trudy McAllister Fund Scholarship for 2011; this is presented annually to future Doctors of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture for their commitment and leadership in promoting the highest ideals of our field of study and profession.

The Present

Now Bibbey has the practical experience, education, and very real first hand personal life experience.  It’s this lifetime of experiences that have made Bibbey a caring professional that goes beyond standard answers and cures and allows him to treat the whole person, as the unique individual you are.

David Bibbey, OM opened Alternative Primary Care in October, 2011.  APC is a private holistic medical practice in Crystal River, Florida that specializes in developing drug-free treatment strategies.  Every patient seeking care with Bibbey receives a detailed evaluation.  This process often provides clues about the origin of a patient’s health concern, as well as, information regarding how to resolve their complaint quickly and without invasive testing or procedures.  Bibbey is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician with a decade of additional training and experience in identifying how herbs and other drug-free options are used to improve patients’ health outcome.  This approach to wellness emphasizes that healing, on all levels, is a personal process that benefits from patience and persistence.    The healing process itself is often very revealing and provides a fascinating insight to how disease and dysfunction evolves in the body.  Bibbey has expert training and ample experience; he offers relevant, current, evidence-based instruction and care.  Please visit the APC testimonial page to review feedback from current patients.  Bibbey enjoys hearing from new and prospective patients, so click on Contact Us to leave a comment, ask a question, or schedule an appointment.


Bibbey, L.Ac., is available Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Tuesday and Thursdays by appointment.


Bio: David Michael Bibbey

Degree’s; Accomplishments & Associations

Licensed Acupuncture Physician – Florida

FSOMA – Treasurer, FL State Oriental Medicine Assoc

NCCAOM Diplomat Acupuncture

National Recipient 2011 Trudy McAllister Award
– AOM Excellence and Leadership Award

2011: Graduated Honors
Florida College of Integrative Medicine Orlando, FL
Master of Science in Oriental Medicine
Bachelor of Professional Health Studies

2008: Graduated Honors
Everglades University Boca Raton, FL
Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine

2003 – Present:
Membership Affiliation with NNFA Supplement Industry resource for evidence-based research and training