Skin Care & Overall Health

Jeanne Synger has been a resident of Citrus County for twenty years and has worked in health care as a Registered Nurse for over twenty-five years.  She received her Skin Care Therapist license in 2006 and is a Certified DNA Practitioner in Stem Cell Therapy.  Ms. Synger continues to receive advanced skin care training at the International Dermal Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Jeanne believes that conscientious skin care is an important part of our overall health.  Skin is the body’s largest organ and it requires special attention.  It is your first line of defense against bacterial invasion; it regulates body temperature; it protects internal organs from injury; and it plays a large role in detoxification.

Jeanne agrees with many physicians who now advise that the foods we eat and the skin products that we use greatly influence our health outcomes as we age.  She has carefully chosen DNA Health Institute skin care line for it addresses the aging process with a whole body wellness approach.  The products are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free, and contain at least 98% organic ingredients.  The treatments yield dramatic results while supporting skin and systemic wellness: all without inflicting any trauma to the body or skin.

Jeanne’s goal is to help clients improve their skin’s health and appearance with gently care, quality products and practical tips; and she would consider it both a privilege and pleasure to help you meet your skin care needs.