Healthy lifestyle can protect every part of your body from most preventable diseases and increase your chances of survival even when the something unexpected comes along.Although, new cases of breast cancer have been steadily declining since 2002, it remains a serious health threat for too many women even when healthy diet and lifestyle choices are followed. This decline in new cases is attributed to reductions in the use of certain hormone replacement strategies for post-menopausal women and the greater attention now given to screening and breast health awareness. Even so, today women still face about a 1:36 (3%) chance of developing invasive breast cancer. For this reason, all women really need an early detection and screening plan to identify breast health changes that may predict something more serious is happening. Having your own plan will grant you greater peace and insight about what is happening; and more importantly what is not happening with your breast health.

Thermography Imaging and Screening evaluates your breasts’ health: It detects subtle changes in temperature and inflammation in breast tissues; and it is an effective early detection screening technique that identifies abnormal changes in breast health. These changes can then monitored periodically for any developing suspicious patterns that might require additional intervention and further diagnosis. The single greatest benefit to Thermography screening is early detection: providing women with the ability to see changes in their body as they happen rather than after a nodule or mass has formed.

Please understand that NO one screening system is 100% accurate all of the time, so to with Thermography. The reputation and usefulness of Thermography Screening has been questioned and debated since the 1970’s. Yet, it continues to provide useful and credible data to clinicians and their patients without requiring contact, compression, radiation, or biopsies. Ultimately, each of us has to determine the value of the information provided by Thermography Screening and determine, if and how, it fits into your early detection and screening plan.

It’s also important to remember that conventional screening, Mammography, the GOLD STANDARD of breast health screening has always had high inaccuracy and false positive rates resulting in untold thousands of follow-ups and invasive procedures to rule out pathological changes in the breasts.

Thermography is an additional option that provides you with more detail about your breast health. This screening option is not intended to replace or limit your screening options. On the contrary, it provides you with more useful information and enables you and your health care providers to make better decisions intended to improve your health outcomes.