Mammogram Screening, as we know is a common way to detect tissue or abnormal structures in breast that may be cancerous or not. It uses infrared energy or X-rays to detect changes or densities in human breast tissue.

However, in this method it can only detect existing changes with a 10 to 15 percent chance that small or undeveloped changes may go undetected.  Exposure to radiation has been linked to increased risk of developing cancer.

Thermography is not a replacement for mammography; it’s an alternative.  It examines breast health and identifies suspicious patterns of inflammation, which are consistent with abnormal changes in the physiology of breast tissues.

This technique is able to image changes in breast health while they are happening. This advantage means that any changes in the breast are clearly detected and imaged prior to masses or tumors developing.

If early detection is your gold standard for preventive care, then Thermography should be part of your annual breast health evaluation and screening.

Thermography has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective health screening technique since 1982.