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Because of this article [you sent me], I am now recovering from spinal inter-body fusion surgery. Essentially, your article got me to research neuro-muscular diseases and find a neuro-muscular doctor near Hernando. The doctor I found is Jay Rubin in Ocala who has the Neurological Associates. He saw me very quickly and had a nerve and muscle test conducted.

The lower back MRI showed spinal stenosis and a broken L5 vertebra. A side view of the vertebra looks like a square coffee mug with two ears. The spinal column was being traumatized because L5 had shifted and the two “ears” were both broken.

Nerves from the spinal column, as you know, go through the “ears” and send messages to the arms, legs, feet and hands. With the pressure placed upon the nerves, my left side stopped working properly and began to atrophy.

You were dead on with your asymmetrical assessment indicating a larger more serious problem. I thank you for sending me the article. I will be in rehab for at least six to eight weeks and it will take about six months to a year for the bone fusion to heal completely. I will refer people to you who ask about acupuncture and alternative medicine.

Thank you again you saved me from more serious spinal injury. You can use this letter as you see fit.

JD – Hernando, FL
May, 2012

I have had high blood pressure for almost 14 years.  I came to see David for the “cure” and learned that with Chinese medicine this condition is thought of as a symptom and not a disease.   David really took time with me and listened to what was going on with me and came up with a combination of acupuncture and herbs that reduced my blood pressure back to normal limits and helped me to feel better in regard to my overall daily health.  I would definitely recommend David Bibbey for any type of health condition that causes you discomfort.    – Nancy R (Jan 2012)

After having debilitating pain from my sciatica, Bibbey was able to have me walking again.  His concern, knowledge and being able to properly address the problem impressed me.  His comforting demeanor makes it easy to talk to him.  – Brad B (Feb 2012)

I would highly recommend David Bibbey for acupuncture since he is very knowledgeable in his field and put you at ease.  He takes time out to talk and to answer questions and even on issues that you didn’t come in for.  He really treats the whole person with concern.  – LB (Feb 2012)