Ice Cream That Is Good For You

As far as ice cream goes, if you love it, and your going to eat it, then consider these Ice Cream Brands you can buy locally at Win-Dixie and Publix.

Often, patients ask me if eating organic foods really matters. My belief is that the nutritional value and safety of organically grown and prepared foods is superior to those commercially manufactured. This conversation always devolves into a battle over the costs of each. My answer is simply this; eat the best quality food you can afford to buy. It’s really that simple. Some choices are easier than others when it comes to buying food, so focus on fresh, seasonal items and avoid packaged and processed foods.

Now, my friends and patients know that I’m a fan of all things yummy and delicious – and that moderation is the key to balance in all of our lives. So, yes, I sometimes eat things that are hastily prepared for convenience – but I do so mindfully and try hard not to fall into bad habits and I urge all reading this to do the same. That being said, one of the hardest conversations I have with people about cleaning-up their diet is the inevitable despair that surrounds the loss of everyone’s favorite late night companion – ICE CREAM. So, since I am often confronted with patients anguish and anxiety at the thought of losing something so dear – I thought a couple of healthier substitutes might help ease this difficult transition.

Two, Better For You, Ice Cream Brands, that are Reasonably Priced.

Varieties of So Delicious coconut and almond milk ice creams are available at most major food retailers. There are many flavors and are available in both, pints and chocolate covered frozen pops. They are low in all the bad stuff and more importantly So Delicious is dairy-free and still lives up to its name. Visit the link below to see all the options available:

Then we have Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt. This is a real dairy option for those who tolerate dairy well. Stonyfield Dairy makes a variety of products including, frozen yogurts, bars and fruit flavored Greek and other yogurts. This company is seriously committed to quality ingredients. They have been around for years and have been a leader in setting high standards for organic dairy farming practices:

When snacking, enjoying ice cream may not be healthier than choosing a small piece of dark chocolate. However, these ice cream brands are better for you than most other options, which use inferior and sometimes dangerous ingredients.

It’s OK! Enjoy your favorite creamy frozen treats in moderation.

If you find that whenever you indulge with ice cream, you stress over it – Stop It! If you are otherwise maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise, then don’t worry about the occasional treat. The stress maybe be worse for you than the ice cream itself. Whether you’re stressing or not, try these “better for you” choices. You might just find that you are able to stay true to your plan for healthy eating, while fully enjoying your ice cream too.

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac, (Dipl. Ac – NCCAOM)