The truth about calcium, strong bones, and how eating whole foods plant-based can relieve chronic conditions, make you feel years younger and drop weight!

Janice Stanger, author of the Perfect Formula diet, believes that “the strength of your  bones, the important strengths which make them resistant to breaking, has virtually nothing to do with calcium.”  She goes on to say, “…animal protein, what you find in dairy products, meat poultry fish and eggs is shaping up to be the root cause of what causes people’s bones to snap easily.”

Understanding which foods provide you with the best overall health and contribute to strong bones is the key to avoiding preventable diseases, like osteoporosis and arthritis.  These can vary from person to person, especially when treating the whole person and not just one symptom.  Here Stranger  provides some valuable information to help you better understand bone strength and how they weaken over time. (Video Above)

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Best in health,
David Bibbey, L.Ac.