Grand Opening of Our New Cooking Program

Grand Opening of Our New Cooking Program

Hello, there is some exciting news to share with you regarding Alternative Primary Care…

We are expanding to make room for a demonstration kitchen.  This additional 750 sq. ft. space will be used as a classroom for patients, their friends and family, and other newcomers who are interested in learning more about planning and preparing healthy meals.  Food Therapy has long-been a passion of mine, and I believe that proper food choices are central to any successful treatment plan; moreover, no person can truly “be healthy” if they do not learn to “eat healthy.”

This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about avoiding preventable diseases by planning and preparing meals that keep you healthy.  It sounds simple – eat more salads and less burgers and you’ll live longer; when, in reality there is a lot more to it.  Sometimes eating cold-raw salads can actually be the wrong choice for optimal health – depending on your overall health.  My goal, and the purpose of this 6 week program is to help you live better: with less pain, preventable disease and with less dependence on prescription drugs – now and into the future.

This 6 week program will teach you how to plan and prepare meals that will improve your energy and overall health.   Before you begin, we will meet for a planning session to identify goals that reflect your specific needs like, weight loss, reducing blood pressure – cholesterol – glucose, anxiety – depression, auto-immune and endocrine disorders, and any other chronic health issues that you may face.  We will track and measure your success throughout this 6 week program, so that you can see the results.

Unlike diet plans that are hard to follow and lack teaching tools that help you succeed, this 6 week cooking “boot camp” is easy to follow, and provides you with tools and skills that are easy to implement.  I will personally work with you throughout this program to make certain that you are learning all the basics needed to succeed.  Together we will make sure you are reaching your goals.

Additional programs for intermediate and advanced students have been developed so that by the time you finish this starter plan, you can progress to the next module, and continue your journey toward achieving and maintaining ideal health.  I am so excited to get started… I hope that you are too.

There are several options for class enrollment; you can choose which plan best fits your schedule and budget.  This has been designed with everyone in mind, so if you have been wanting to make dietary changes and were waiting for the right kind of plan for you, then this is a great way to get started: easy instruction, simple ingredients, personally tailored and physician supervised.  Come on, let’s get started!

You may contact me directly to get additional details about scheduling and pricing.  This is an ambitious program designed to challenge your perceptions about good nutrition, and to simplify everyday healthy cooking.   My hope is that you are as excited to get started as I am – see you in the Kitchen.

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or call 352-464-1645.

Best in Health,

David Bibbey

PS:  Space for only 12 people per program starting in the fall.