Caution: Holiday Eating About To Commence!

Caution Holiday Eating

There are ways to enjoy, but minimize the issues that arise when we are not making the best food choices. Issues like blood sugar, bloating, rapid weight gain and indigestion.

I am not recommending that during the holidays you should stop considering making healthy food choices.  The truth is, that If we are going to splurge a bit, this tends to be the time of the year that we do.

3 Simple things that can make a big difference this Holiday

Eat smaller meals more often. Just because you are going to eat cake or drink eggnog, does not mean you have to make a meal of it.

During holiday parties and events there are always plenty of foods to enjoy. Eat less, eat slower and savor the taste. You might just find that if you stop and really pay attention to that delicious holiday delectable WHILE you eat it, you will get more enjoyment out of half as much, than you would from a whole serving.

Is your meal really a dessert?  Some meals have as much sugar, the wrong fats and low quality wheat, as desserts have.

We are taught to eat a “good meal” before we splurge with dessert. But if that “good meal” turns out to be just like a dessert as far as nutrition goes, maybe you don’t need it, or maybe you can have a much smaller meal. Then when you do have dessert, it won’t be piling dessert on top of dessert. Hey it’s the holidays. In cases like this when your meal is like a dessert, have some fun, and maybe just try dessert for dinner!

Don’t eat too late. Not only do food choices change during the holidays, but our schedules tend to get wrecked as well. Going to bed within an hour or two of eating can upset our stomachs and sleep under normal conditions.  Be very careful not to indulged in foods you normally avoid just before sleep. You might not like the result.

Very little is more important to our health than good nutrition and good food. But when you know that your choices will be limited, and splurging is on the menu, you can still have fun but minimize the impact on the way you feel afterward.

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.