A Diagnosis of 6 months to live, turned into a “LIFE” sentence when Death Diet Refused and Health Diet Accepted.

Believe it or not, this quadruple bypass patient’s hospital food plan FAILS to provide appropriate and nutritious choices for a patient who is sick and vulnerable.  The narrator in the video below, (his daughter) accurately coins hospital food choices as “death diet’ for obvious reasons.

A better option is eating a balanced and well-thought-out plant based diet. Objective, evidence-based research now clearly demonstrates that whole food plant based diets promote a healthy mind and body.

If you are stuck eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and live with chronic pain, dysfunction and illness, then you can contact David at www.Alternative-Primary-Care.com or 352.464.1645 to learn how to begin eating your way to a healthier you.

This can be easy with a little help getting started.

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