Stress and Medications can interfere with mineral absorption

Magnesium provides so many good health benefits you might call it a miracle  supplement.  However, the typical American diet is deficient in magnesium.  Plus, many prescription medications can interfere with magnesium absorption.

The above video by Mark Hyman, M.D., is well worth watching if you would like to know just how magnesium can benefit you. As an essential nutrient, if you’re not absolutely sure you have the proper amounts of magnesium in your body, then stop what you’re doing now and watch the video.

In short, magnesium is used in hundreds of processes in the body and is found in all your tissues. Western diets are extremely deficient in magnesium due to the high intake of processed foods.

Meat and dairy, which make up a large part of the average American diet have no magnesium. Stress also quickly depletes magnesium from the body. Too much consumption of alcohol and coffee can also deplete your magnesium. About 400mg per day is the RDA for magnesium and that is less than half of what people typically consume.

What will the proper amounts of magnesium help?

Relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain, PMS, Irregular Heart Rhythm, Stress and Insomnia to name just a few. Magnesium can create a greater overall sense of relaxation which can aid in the improvement of many conditions.

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