Skin Care Offer – Must schedule by Oct 13th, 2014

This Complimentary Offer includes a Skin Analysis and Consultation.

The Skin Analysis focuses on evaluating areas of the face and décolletage. An important step in determining your skin type is a careful inspection of your skin under magnification. During your Consultation we will investigate which skin care products you use most often. Ideally, your choice of skin care cleansers and moisturizers support nurturing and balancing your natural skin type. By being well informed about your skin type, you can select and use products best suited for your individual skin and be more confident about finding the best approach to restoring your skin’s natural youthfulness and glow. Knowing how care for and treat your skin yields measurable results at any age.  Remember that healthy skin always has a natural lift, look and feel.

To learn more about what lies beneath your skin’s surface, plan your consultation today. Schedule before October 13th, 2014 to receive this complimentary offer.
Text “skin” to 95577