April Newsletter

From the desk of: David Bibbey, AP

TO: All patients

RE:  Thermography Imaging available

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Please take a moment to read this important information regarding Thermography. Thermography, also called Thermal Imaging, shows detailed pictures of what is happening inside your body, right now; and it detects subtle changes, that indicate early signs of dysfunction or disease. For example, with women who regularly use Thermography as a screening option for breast cancer learn about changes in breast tissue 8-10 years before women who rely on mammography alone. The same can be said for those with unresolved sciatica pain, thermal imaging illustrates the pain pattern making it faster and easier to restore pain-free mobility. Thermography Imaging is an FDA approved screening technique used in the US and worldwide for more than 30 years: including oncology clinics and operating rooms.

This type of screening and imaging is readily available in larger cities, but for Citrus County residents you have to travel to Gainesville, Tampa or Orlando. For this reason, I have invited some colleagues with advanced training to provide Thermography Screening at my office on Friday, April 26th from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Presently, only 5 of the 10 appointments scheduled remain available, so I really encourage you to contact my office today.  Call 352.464.1645, so that I can reserve your appointment time.
I believe that having more information is always better than having less when it comes to understanding your present and future health picture. Thermal Imaging / Thermography is a safe and an effective way to gain greater insight into present and future health challenges.

Inflammation and disease processes in the body emit detectable Thermal (hot or cold) patterns. Thermography is a non-invasive technique that uses the same proven technology found in night-vision camera lenses that make it possible for helicopter pilots to operate in darkness, as well as, to spot suspects fleeing the police. The Body Scan images clearly show the presence and locations of inflammation throughout your body and illustrate pain patterns, circulation problems, nerve impingements, vascular changes, tumor growths, and many other conditions.

Best in health,

David Bibbey