Caution: Holiday Eating About To Commence!

Caution Holiday Eating

There are ways to enjoy, but minimize the issues that arise when we are not making the best food choices. Issues like blood sugar, bloating, rapid weight gain and indigestion.

I am not recommending that during the holidays you should stop considering making healthy food choices.  The truth is, that If we are going to splurge a bit, this tends to be the time of the year that we do.

3 Simple things that can make a big difference this Holiday

Eat smaller meals more often. Just because you are going to eat cake or drink eggnog, does not mean you have to make a meal of it.

During holiday parties and events there are always plenty of foods to enjoy. Eat less, eat slower and savor the taste. You might just find that if you stop and really pay attention to that delicious holiday delectable WHILE you eat it, you will get more enjoyment out of half as much, than you would from a whole serving.

Is your meal really a dessert?  Some meals have as much sugar, the wrong fats and low quality wheat, as desserts have.

We are taught to eat a “good meal” before we splurge with dessert. But if that “good meal” turns out to be just like a dessert as far as nutrition goes, maybe you don’t need it, or maybe you can have a much smaller meal. Then when you do have dessert, it won’t be piling dessert on top of dessert. Hey it’s the holidays. In cases like this when your meal is like a dessert, have some fun, and maybe just try dessert for dinner!

Don’t eat too late. Not only do food choices change during the holidays, but our schedules tend to get wrecked as well. Going to bed within an hour or two of eating can upset our stomachs and sleep under normal conditions.  Be very careful not to indulged in foods you normally avoid just before sleep. You might not like the result.

Very little is more important to our health than good nutrition and good food. But when you know that your choices will be limited, and splurging is on the menu, you can still have fun but minimize the impact on the way you feel afterward.

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.

Ok, it’s an old cliche but “We are what we eat” has new meaning…

Somehow deep down inside we all know that despite all of the distraction from the simple truth, “We are what we eat.” 

And this applies to ALL of us and Every part of us, from our hormone levels to our joints and from our mood to our appearance.

The quality and quantity of what we eat are directly manifested in how we look and feel. Without my getting too into the do’s and don’ts; ask yourself next time you’re having a meal or snack, “Is this food or is this just edible?…is this sweet or salty”…why am I eating this?…am I hungry or craving this?…does this food choice help or hurt me reach my goals for maintaining healthy weight today?…do I have a goal today?…what is my healthy weight?

For more information watch this video by John McDougal AKA The Plant Guy!

If you are struggling with these questions call me at 352-464-1645.

6 incredible benefits of daily turmeric consumption

Turmeric consumption has numerous health benefits. David Wolfe, otherwise knows as the “Avocado Man, provides some valuable information on 6 of those incredible benefits on his website here: .

He also has a great recipe called the “Turmeric Crush”, which he prepares for us in the below video!

I hope you enjoy!

If you would like some guidance on how to introduce turmeric into your diet give me a call at: 352-464-1645.

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.






The awful truth about the Mediterranean diet


This is a quick 10 minute video that addresses some of the common sense questions asked about the Mediterranean Diet. The video also provides interesting insights about the rise in popularity of this familiar diet and its association with health and longevity. After watching you might decide for yourself if the Mediterranean Diet is a safe and healthy choice for you and your family.


Click here to watch the video

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.

How diet change saved President Clinton’s life…


It’s never too late to teach old dogs new tricks. What we can all learn from simple diet changes.

Here is a video of the story of how former US President Bill Clinton made significant changes in his diet and health after suffering from heart disease in this interview with David Letterman. “When you get to be our age, all you got left is bright clothes and BS,” said Clinton to Letterman, adding, “and you’ve got a corner on the BS market.” Both Letterman and Clinton had fairly invasive heart surgery. Clinton talks about having given up meat and dairy. Clinton credits those dietary changes with saving his life.

Click here to watch the video.

Vegan Creamed Spinach Pizza Recipe with Sun-Dried Tomatoes….


Since it’s Super Bowl Weekend, I just thought I would take a moment to share this Vegan Pizza Recipe from the Forks Over Knives Plan.

If you like a pizza that kicks with flavor, you will love this recipe. The creamy sauce is rich without the added fat in most cream sauces, and the sun-dried tomatoes and olives add a perfect tangy-salty punch.

For the full recipe visit the Forks Over Knives website here:

Best in health,

David Bibbey L.Ac.

The Eskimo myth


I hope you enjoy this discussion about various lifestyle diets. It sheds an interesting light on the subject and provides new insights into the limited value of high protein diets.

Click here for video.

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.

An old time remedy that works


Apple cider vinegar has long been described as a tonic that supports healthy pH and reduces inflammation. Other health attributes include reducing blood glucose and triglyceride levels, as well as, weight loss. Watch this quick two minute video for more ideas about using cider vinegar daily to improved your health.

Click here for video.

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.

Thermography Screening In October, reserve your spot now…

Breast Health Thermography Screening Friday January 22nd, 10am-3pm.



Current statistics show that one in eight women in the US will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and that those rates are rising. The medical community, supported by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) now suggests that women begin annual mammogram screening at age 40. But nearly 12,000 women under the age of 40 will develop aggressive breast cancer this year even though they are considered at lower risk. New evidence makes it clear that by the time many tumors that are detected by a mammogram have been present and growing for several years. You need to know that safe screening options that provide reliable early detection results are available.

At Alternative Primary Care in Crystal River, we feel strongly that a proactive approach to breast health saves both lives and breasts. David Bibbey, L.Ac. believes patients need to be well informed about safe screening and detection methods that give women accurate data about their health. This is why Alternative Primary Care regularly invites an expert team visit the office to provide Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging ‘DITI’ in the office.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging – DITI is a 15 minute noninvasive screening test. It requires no squeezing, no contact and no radiation. A thermal (temperature sensing) camera is used to scan the body for signs of potential problematic changes. It is a valuable procedure that alerts you and your physician to changes that can indicate early signs of breast disease. DITI offers a unique look into the body and identifies breast health changes, which are typically not identified by self-examination, physician examination, and mammography alone.

Click Here to Learn More About Thermography

Candice Hage
Candice Hage from Shining Image will be visiting Alternative Primary Care to provide Breast Health Screenings on, Friday January 22nd, 10 am to 3 pm, Screening costs $250 (Cash or Check). To schedule your appointment time please call the office today! 352-464-1645. To book online click here


Best in health,

David Bibbey L.Ac.

FDA Approved brain-damaging poisons lurk in dozens of

An “Excitotoxins” is a big word for any substance like msg that excites cells to the point of damage. “Excite -O- Toxin”. 

Dr. Russell Blaylock, is the author of the 1995 book Excitotoxicity: The Taste that Kills, in his book he cites possible associations between excitotoxins and a slew of serious health conditions, including:

• strokes
• brain injury
• brain tumors
• degenerative brain diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease)
• meningitis
• neurological Lyme disease
• encephalitis
• schizophrenia

For example MSG is an Excitotoxin.  MSG goes by 30 different names and is found in many product, not just Chinese food. There are 70 excitotoxins lurking in most packaged and processed foods. This includes soups, sauces, gravy mixes, frozen dinners, diet foods, beverages, chips, and fast foods. The main culprits are MSG, aspartame (NutraSweet), cysteine, hydrolyzed protein, and aspartic acid.


The good news is that in addition to using this knowledge to avoid these toxins in the foods you eat, you can use proper nutrition to help “Buffer Yourself from Excitotoxins”.

Below I have shared with you an article and video on Excitotoxins. I hope you find them helpful.

If you have any question regarding how you may use good nutrition to buffer yourself from these toxins, about food additives or any symptoms you are experiencing, please contact me at 352-464-1645, or online by clicking here: Contact 

Article: FDA Approved Way To Damage Your  Brain

Video:  Excitotoxins – What are they and do they damage the body? 

Best in health,
David Bibbey L.Ac.